About Me

About Me

I have been practicing law in Orlando, Florida, since 1991. My law practice and law office are unique. My family and I live in Heathrow Woods located close to Interstate 4, Orlando’s main traffic artery. In 1991, I built a separate building, about 1,000 square feet in size, next to our home which I have used exclusively for my law practice. I don’t commute and I don’t wear a suit and tie to work. My staff includes my paralegal, named Jackie and two “office dogs,” Stoli and Tanqueray. My law practice focuses on consumer bankruptcy and asset protection. Most of my clients are concerned about problems with creditors, potential lawsuits, and how an adverse judgment will affect their family’s future.

Before becoming an attorney I attended the following schools:
Northwestern University, BA, 1970
Harvard University, MA, 1973
University of Florida, JD (with honors), 1975

There is more information about my qualifications and experience on my website.

About The Blog

In 2004, I decided to publish in a blog my insights and opinions about my bankruptcy law and practice in Orlando, Florida. During most  work days I encounter interesting  legal issues in client consultations and in questions e-mailed from blog readers. Occasionally, I’ll find an article on someone else’s blog or something in a newspaper article that contains useful information about Florida bankruptcy law. One or two nights each week, I’ll consider the most interesting of these topics  and write a blog post including my opinions and insights.

These blog posts convey my initial opinions about things I find interesting in bankruptcy law. I do not research legal issues before I write about them on the blog (unless a client pays me for the research), so sometimes my opinions are different from what some judge may have said about the same issue.

The blog posts are  not legal advice to you or anyone else. If you want reliable bankruptcy law advice you should consult with an attorney and explain to your attorney all the facts about your about your particular situation. (See my contact policies and procedures). If you are looking for more free information about bankruptcy law (still not legal advice) you are welcome to visit my website.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Jon Alper

About Jon Alper

Jon is an attorney focusing on bankruptcy and asset protection in Orlando, Florida.