Bankruptcy Courts To Strictly Enforce Geographical Boundaries of Florida Court Divisions

Bankruptcy debtors are supposed to file bankruptcy where they live. The Florida bankruptcy court system is divided into divisions where each division (e.g., Orlando Division, Tampa Division, Miami Division….) handles bankruptcy filings of debtors residing in counties assigned to each division. The Division filing system has not been strictly enforced in the past, but the bankruptcy court in Florida’s Middle District, including the Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville Divisions, announced that henceforth no court will accept filings from outside their division boundaries. Continue reading

How To Select The Bankruptcy Attorney in Orlando Who Is Best For Your Situation

People often want to know what to look for when selecting a bankruptcy attorney in Orlando. Most posts on the internet advise prospective debtors that in terms of advice and results they will “get what they pay for.” In other words, the writers suggest that the cheapest attorney may end up being the most expensive as attorney errors are passed through to the debtor. Continue reading

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney Facing Malpractice Suit For Ill-Advised And Unnecessary Chapter 7 Filing

I have been asked by legal malpractice attorneys occasionally to review cases they are considering for legal malpractice claims against bankruptcy lawyers. This week a south Florida attorney asked me to look at  a bankruptcy case filed by an Orlando, Florida bankruptcy attorney whom his client wants to sue for legal malpractice. Continue reading

South Florida Bankruptcy Attorneys Suspended For Filing Frivolous Claim Objections In Chapter 13 Cases

A bankruptcy  attorney can try too hard to eliminate his client’s debt; when the attorney abuses the bankruptcy rules he can find himself in trouble with the bankruptcy court. Several attorneys in south Florida were sanctioned for filing frivolous pleadings in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  Continue reading

Bankruptcy Debtor Seeking Conversion From 13 To 7 Prior To Job Loss: Expresses Dissatisfaction With His Bankruptcy Attorney’s Response

I received an email from a person who filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy and who expressed dissatisfaction with their Orlando bankruptcy attorney. The caller said that his company was downsizing, or going out of business, and he knew now that he would not be able to sustain her Chapter 13 plan payments. Continue reading

Are You Entitled To A Refund Of Your Legal Fees Paid If You Change Your Mind About Filing Bankruptcy?

Sometimes people hire an attorney to file bankruptcy and then change their mind about filing. In some cases, the debtor works things out with his creditors; some prospective debtors receive family assistance to pay their bills, and other debtors just feel bad about filing bankruptcy. Continue reading