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My General Policy About Questions: I welcome general questions about legal information on this blog or on my website Please send general questions by email. I try to answer many email questions each week provided that I can adequately respond in a short email reply. Keep your questions brief and to the point. My replies are meant to convey my initial impression pointing you in the right direction.

I do not provide specific bankruptcy  advice to people who are not clients. Unless you have paid me legal fees you are not my client. If you are not my client, anything you tell me in an email is not protected by attorney-client privilege. Also, until you are my client I am not going to suggest in my email reply what you should do or should not do in your particular situation.

Initial Bankruptcy Consultations: I file bankruptcy only in the Orlando Division serving central Florida which includes Tampa and Jacksonville. If you live in this geographical area and are considering filing bankruptcy you may call my office  for an initial telephone consultation. The purpose of an initial phone consultation is to determine whether or not bankruptcy will help you, whether you are eligible to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and to discuss initially legal fees.

Disclaimer: If you send me an email question and you are not a client (see above) your email will not create an attorney-client relationship and neither your e-mail nor my reply will privileged or confidential communication. The information on this blog  is not all you need to know about the subject matter. These posts are just my personal opinions about different issues.  If you think you can rely on this blog to figure out answers to your personal legal problems and issues you are making a big mistake. Use common sense- if you have a legal question or problem, hire an attorney.


Jon Alper

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Jon is an attorney focusing on bankruptcy and asset protection in Orlando, Florida.