What To Do If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Bankruptcy Attorney

From time to time callers ask me bankruptcy questions when they have already hired an attorney to file their bankruptcy petition in the Orlando Division. When I suggest that they direct their question to their own attorney whom they have paid fees they usually respond that their own bankruptcy attorney either will not return their calls or has given them poor advice. What can a debtor do when he is dissatisfied with his bankruptcy attorney? Continue reading

Bankruptcy Attorney Skewered By Court For Inadequate Compensation Statement

Bankruptcy attorneys are required to file a statement of compensation for each bankruptcy case. The statement discloses all forms of past, present, and future compensation. If they charge a client additional fees after the case is filed the attorney is supposed to file a supplemental statement of compensation within 14 days. Many attorneys do not strictly follow these rules. Frequently, attorneys neglect to file supplemental fee statements during complicated bankruptcy cases where clients pay for additional services after the case is filed.
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